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Dental Health
Enzymes found in raw food help maintain better dental health, it fights harmful bacteria that causes plaque build up, bad breath and painful gum inflammation.
Return to Nature
Natural diets can act as a potential holistic preventative.
Natural Nutrients
Nutrients and vitamins found in raw dog food ingredients, provide greater benefits and are far easier to absorb tan added processed dog food.
Weight Control
Raw food is easier to digest and calorie dense, enabling smaller portions while still full of nutrients for energy and weight management.
Better Stools
The odour is reduced, raw food improves the consistency which helps with anal glands, regularity and size due to the dogs body absorbing all the goodness.
Improved Coat
Natural raw foods are full of essential nutrients and moisture for added hydration, a dogs body will use these to form a nice shiny coat and reduce shedding.
Improved Renal Function
Loaded with nutrients and hydration for improved renal function.
Enhanced Metabolic Efficiency
With a better metabolic efficiency, dogs can maintain a more consistent energy level and greater stamina.
Improved Bio-Availability 
Heat is produced to process kibble losing nutrients, raw food does not need heat, therefore the dogs body absorbs vitamins, amino acids and enzymes needed by your dog to thrive. 
Loaded with Flavour
More appealing by smell, texture and overall goodness.
Buy with Confidence
The raw food we sell is made from top quality British Chicken which are sourced from a human grade FSA regulated cutting plant.
Beef and lamb products are sourced locally within a 7 mile radius.
The raw dog food is 100% chicken and contains no added water, preservatives and additives. It is packed in 500g bags. All you need to do is simply take out the required amount and leave it in your fridge overnight to defrost before serving to your pet.
Strong Teeth
Healthy Gums
Big Chewers
Skin and Fur Benefits
Natural Vitamins and Nutrients
Hyperactive Dogs
No added preservatives
No colouring
Relives stress and anxiety
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Why give your dog natural treats?


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